Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut Cheats For PS2

  1. Coliseum Bug: Maxing Swordian Device Points (without having to level up)

    Go to the coliseum in Noischtat and select Definite Mode (available after beating the final boss battle). Take Leon and select the Cave Head boss on Hard or above. If you perform a Definite Strike against it with Garyuusen-> Garyuu Meppa-> Kuushuuken, your entire party will mysteriously earn a set number of SD Points even though you are not supposed to receive anything for fighting here. It's a programming error that can be exploited by repeating this process to max out your SD Points at 999 regardless of how low your characters' levels are! (Note: Hard mode yields 3 points, Evil mode yields 4, and Chaos mode yields 9).

    Contributed by: Majutsuko 

  2. New Game+

    Complete the game once, then load your save file with the triangle button.

    Contributed by: NyuuTheKitsune 

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