An immersive and cinematic experience that's over too quickly, could have done with a few more months of development....


- Graphics.
- Sound.
- Cover system.
- Health system.
- level design.
- Immersive.


- Too short (took me 3 hours on medium).
- Bugs and glitches.
- Mutliplayer.
- In game voice overs get repetitive.
- Feel like a one man army, your friendlys just vanish alot of the time.
- Menus (not much graphical customization and multiplayer server browser is poor)
- No AA

It's weird how i'm abit disappointed with this game when i was never hyped up about it at all. The thing is the game feels like it's just getting you started with the campaign and you'll soon quickly realise "hang on a min theres only a handful of levels" but for the 3 hours it lasted me i did have great fun The best levels of the game that shine out above the rest are the third and the last two, which are just sooo much fun and sooo epic, specially the last one with the intro it gives you. So you play the airborne division which is great fun and all but you think to yourself "how long can this last" because theres only a certain amount of missions that used parachutes in WW2. Then you realise the games only a few hours long and thats one of the shortest, if not THE shorted FPS i've ever played. It is great fun jumping out of a plane and picking your landing spot and if you die you'll have to do it all over again. What got me though was the horrible saved game system where it does it every checkpoint so if you want to quit you'll have to wait till you reach the next one. However i can kinda let this slip because you'll be completing a objective every few mins or so and the game being only 3 hours long you'll probably just complete it in one sitting.

MOH:A feels very glitchy and buggy and you'll notice alot of graphical glitches like when you kill a enemy sometimes their limbs can go all stretched and funny. Also some of the backgrounds might flicker from textured to black and you might notice some weird coloured dots and green gots as you exit the game. Also when using the scope on the sniper rifle you'll notice some other glitches there tooo. ON top of that the AI doesn't always seem quite there and you'll often feel like a one man army with your friendlys just vanishing until a checkpoint. I've noticed if enemies don't see you aswel then they might just stand there while you shoot at them. Theres alot of other weird things too like sometimes bodies will randomly just fly far when you kill them which seems unrealistic etc etc...

The game is your standard 360 to PC rush port with poor multiplayer server browsers and menus. I don't like how you can't change graphical settings in the game menus and still theres no AA in any of these Unreal engine 3 games or window mode options. There are some things you can change before you enter the game but not really as many scaling options as you'd hope for in a PC game. The performance is as bad as ever with Unreal 3 engine with no companies bothering to do so, i just hope Epic show them how it's done. The whole thing just shouts rush job for me and thats what the game says really. It's just like EA were happy with how it was and didn't want to give it anymore time fixing bugs or adding some more content so they just made it gold and moob released another Good but not Great game.

The levels themselves ae great and more non linear than other WW2 shooters seeing as they're made like mini towns you can drop into any part of it and wonder about. Theres not many scripted events with the enemy but the ones i hate the most are the stupid Tanks with will just follow a scripted circular path and will do soo even when they're taking damage until they go boom. However everything looks great specially just as you drop in with the dramatic plane being hit sequence. Only problem is that theres not enough levels and you'll never feel bored with the game, just disappointed because you want more, maybe in a expansion hey.

Also this game has a great cover system which never puts you into third person so you go upto a wall and right click to go to iron sight and you'll be stuck to the wall. As your holding down the right mouse button you can use the wasd keys to move in and out of cover and if you press down you can even go further down for more cover so your heads not in the firering line. Another great thing is the mix of health bar and recharging health like COD2 style. So you'll have 4 health bars and as you take damage you'll obviously lose life but it you take cover before your health goes down to the next bar, it'll regen. However if it goes down to the next bar then you've lost that bar until you pickup a health pack which depeding on the difficulty will be easier or harder to find. I think this health system is perfect because it's not so easy to stay alive as COD2 but you wont be looking for health packs every 5 mins and gives youa incentive to take cover.

There weapons are your typical WW2 ones but what i found strange is you can choose to use the german guns when you kit out before each level. It would have been better if you had to pick them up in the battlefield to use them, seems abit weird how you can go into battle kitted out with them. The sounds of the weapons and kick back is all reallly amazing but the hit detection is abit off sometimes and annoying as it can get you killed.

The graphics are fantastic and they go all cinematic when your running like Gears of War apart from you can shoot and the camera stays first person. I really love them when your on the plane on the final 3 levels which all look amazing. Just very immersive and cinematic and the best you've seen in a WW2 shooter to date. The sounds are all great and the music is nice when you hear it and the sound effects are amazing. Only downside i can think of with the sounds are the in agme voice overs which can get very repetitive at times.

The multiplayer seems to be bugged at the moment with something up with dedicated servers so i can't comment much on it. However it seems very buggy and just to be your standard FPS multiplayer, nothing special so wont really get you away from your current one.

All in all MOH:A is a good game but just not a GREAT one because it lacks length and has quite alot of bugs and glitches which ruin it. It seems to me that EA just decided to rush the game to be released without giving it much thought that it'll be better for everyone to have a few more months with polish.