Tales of Destiny (1998) Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Early Ending

    Defeat Leon during the first fight with him to get an early ending for the game.

    Contributed by: Correy 

  2. Mary and Dalis: Together Again

    After exiting Frozen River but before going to Heidelberg, go south to Cyril and into one of the houses in the lower left corner. Mary will have a flashback. As a result, Mary will be able to join you later in the game and you won't feel guilty for ruining her life.

    Contributed by: pandime 

  3. Unlock Bruiser Kang for your party!

    Bruiser is an optional character who is a bit of a brute. He's one of the strongest characters in the game. To do this you need be able to compete in the arena before the world is ruined with the sky covered up.

    Code Effect
    Successfully get through all of the arena and you will fight bruiser. Beat Bruiser and he'll join your party. Bruiser Kang

    Contributed by: sketchybastard 

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