A suprisingly well done sim, with the ability to simplify hovering ( the hardest thing to do with copters).

User Rating: 8 | Take On Helicopters PC
I do not know why I felt compelled to buy this game, but I did, and am not disappointed. Even though, as of now, the game is pretty buggy, it is fun to try to master flight of the helicopters.

There were some campaign missions that I could not complete until I reloaded the game, because the bugs just would let me complete them as intended. Also when I played single missions I couldn't switch from the mission I just completed to any of the others, as it kept reloading the previous mission. Until I reloaded the game.

The FPS were reasonable, between 20-60 FPS, but usually closer to 25, and the graphics were pretty good for this type of game. My system is reasonably powerful, but not top of the line.

I7 960
Geforce 560 TI superclocked
And neither of these were fully utilized, which makes me think the FPS limitations were software related. I could be wrong.

Perhaps a patch will fix the bugs and up the frame rate, but in my opinion, it is still a very good game, as is.

As mentioned hovering in a helicopter is very difficult to do in real life, but harder in a video game, as there is natural limitation regarding visceral imput, like feeling momentum and inertia and tilt. But there is a button you can push to automatically go into hover, so people of any skill level can play this game, just understanding the basics of helicopter flight.

There are instruments always present, regardless of your view, cockpit or chase, so you can always know your attitude, pitch, altitude, vertical speed , and air speed regardless of your angle of view. Very nice touch.

It is a fun little sim, that I found addictive. Hoping for a patch though.