Fun little game and not a bad way to kill some time.

If you're expecting a farm sim or a game similiar to Harvest Moon look elsewhere. Garden Dreams is essentially a game that comes down to "how fast can you click your mouse?" and takes place in your Grandma's back yard. It's simplicity is charming though and while the gameplay is very familiar, the look is so different that you can have a lot of fun with it.

The premise is as follows. Your grandma has gotten too old and can't take care of her garden anymore. However, without the vegetables from it she has no source of income. So it's up to you to manage her garden and keep Grandma's bills paid.

So what you'll do is plant seeds and pick the vegetables. It's not quite that easy though. Water the crops too little and they'll wilt. Leave vegetables on the ground for too long and they rot. You'll also have to content with pests that try to eat the crops. So you have to arrange the vegetables in a way that makes watering and protecting them and harvesting the vegetables in the most time effecient. All the actions are done just by clikcing the mouse. As the levels progress and the goals get harder and higher you'll get items to help you like scarecrows, bigger watering cans, and animals that will chase away pests.

Overall the game is fun though very simple. There's some strategy to it, but if you're quick with your mouse there won't be anything too difficult to contend with. At $20 though the price tag is a little too high for a game that essentially plays like a very smooth Flash game.