A very cute adventure platform title, nya. This niche title is worthy of your attention, nya.

User Rating: 9.4 | Tail Concerto PS
Tail Concerto is a platform title released in NA by Atlus, nya. It's also one of the earlier titles developed by CyberConnect2 (of .hack fame, nya).

The game takes place in a world of cat-people and dog-people, nya. You play as a dog-person named Waffle, nya. It's his day off, but, like Dante Hicks before him, he gets called to work anyway, nya. The Black Cats Gang (a group of cute kitten pirates) are causing trouble, nya. They are led by the Pris sisters, the leader of the bunch being Waffle's childhood friend Alicia, nya. Although the story sounds like standard kiddie fare, there is, like many Square RPGs, a plot twist involving a higher power at work, nya. I won't spoil it for you, nya, even though it's an Atlus title and you'll be unlikely to find it with any ease, nya.

The characters all grow on you, nya. The adorable yet determined Panta, the narcissistic Cyan, and especially the Pris sister trio are all enjoyable to watch, nya. They make what would otherwise make an above-average platformer into a delightful experience, nya.

The music is terrible, nya. And by that, I mean terribly good, nya! To this day, I can still hear BGM tracks from this game in my head (when I don't have Dr. Wily's first stage from Mega Man 2 in it, nya). They all fit in with the current stage and scenario, nya. Especially addicting is the boss battle theme, nya. It lets you know that you're in a battle, but it's also sorta cute and makes the battle enjoyable (especially when it can take as long as or longer than 10 minutes, like the battle against Alicia, nya). The voice acting is perfect, nya. Every character's voice fits in with their, character, nya. Except maybe Waffle's, nya. I played the Japanese version, and the Japanese VA is just plain better, nya. He has more personality, IMOn. Not that the English VA doesn't do a good job, it could just stand to be a little better, nya.

Now it's time I got into the gameplay, nya. You basically walk around (or fly to other places, nya) and talk to townspeople, nya. That's when you aren't in battle, nya. When you go into battle, be prepared, nya. You have two attacks, nya: capture bubble and belt arms, nya. The capture bubble is a projectile used to damage mechs, nya. Their primary purpose, however, is to stop kittens (members of the Black Cats Gang) in their tracks long enough for you to use your belt arms, nya. Those arms are used to pick things up and either acquire them (if they're items or kittens, nya) or throw them (if they're boxes or bombs, nya). Very simple, nya. In fact, with the exception of the jetpack stage, there isn't much else from this, nya. No upgrades or anything, nya. In fact, you have exactly the same abilities in the last boss battle as you do when you first start out, nya. Although the game is rather simple, it isn't TOO easy, nya. There are some genuinely difficult boss battles, nya, especially near the end, nya. And if you're new to video games, you probably won't win them in less than 5 minutes, nya. Speaking of boss battles, all of them are unique experiences, nya. The first one is one that, in my opinion, nya, should be in a Pokemon game: it's a battle against the Pris sisters' balloon, which is shaped like a cat's head and throws bombs at you, nya.

Flaws, nya. What flaws, nya? I suppose the fact that you don't have complete control over the camera angles can be considered a flaw, nya, but I never really had any problems with it, nya. The only other thing I can be considered a flaw is that you have to be mean to cats, nya. Capturing cute kittens in bubbles can be hard to do, nya... but when they start throwing bombs and laughing at you, that train of thought crashes and burns with the flames of vengeance, nya. The last possibility is that it may be too easy, nya. While you aren't likely to beat the game in one sitting without dying once on your first time, nya... it IS pretty easy, nya. And short, nya. It'll last about 7-12 hours to beat the game the first time, and about the same amount of time to beat it in Hard Mode, nya. Aside from that, there's little replay value, nya... unless you want to collect all of the hidden photographs, nya. Although it isn't too hard, nya... On the upside, some of them are really, REALLY cute, nya ^_^

All in all, Tail Concerto is a wonderful experience that really wouldn't hurt to try, nya. Kudos to Atlus for bringing such an amazing game to NA, nya. And kudos to CyberConnect2 for making it, nya! And kudos to you if you decide to buy it, nya!

And if you took my advice and played Tail Concerto (or if you already played it and decided to read my review regardless), you'll probably like the Mega Man Legends series, nya, as the two are very similar in style, nya. That, and MML is more of a challenge, nya.