Should only be bought by EXTREMELY hardcore FIFA fans

Well, first I think I will point out the negatives, just to get that out of the way.

One of the more major problems is the fact that this game is incredibly hard for people who are new to the series, but even when its hard its (almost) fun. But after about 15 hours of non-stop playing you might just get the hang of it. Another problem is the trick system. I'll put it as simple as possible, its practically impossible to memorize the moves, and if you are some freak and manage to, then theres still the problem of properly applying them in-game. Which is impossible. So I choose to ignore them and just do what I do, which is usually not enough to win. Also there is the problem of overrating/underrating the players. One of the most annoying mistakes is Ronaldinho's stats, and believe me, if he was 2/3 as good as he is in FIFA, he would be better than God (who I have no belief in) and would probably be living as a god himself. So as you could guess, any FIFA fan is probably sick of him by now, as he adorns the cover of basically every FIFA game. But really, there's no sports game out there that doesn't totally overrate players, which does enforces the saying that no one is perfect (except for Ben Croshaw).

Now for the positives.

The smoothness of the animations is one thing I must point out, it just feels so right. It looks extremely natural unless you are actually paying attention to the players every limb, in which case you are a freak and should just sit down and let the pros play, unless you are a pro, in which case, play on. Also the online multiplayer is nice, but unless you do the pro mode or something its kind of sucky because no one likes doing one on one. And voice chat is kind of pointless because in one on one all you can do is trash talk, and on pro mode if you do actually care about your teams tactics, its pointless to even try and chat. Manager mode is fun too, but I got kind of confused and just chose a random sponsor, who ended up paying me like 50,000 dollars a game. Oh boy! So as you could guess I went bankrupt pretty quickly. So take my advice and always go for the most money per game. Which is actually really obvious but I guess I'm just retarded. There are a bunch of teams but I think everyone I know just plays with Barcelona and Manchester United just cause they are the best clubs in the game. My team is Arsenal and I don't plan on changing it. Though my local team is the New England Revolution. Also there is a single player game mode called Be a Pro, in which you play as just one player, and just kind of figure out what to do, which is almost as hard as memorizing the moves.

So what do I think of this game, its $hitty in many ways but also has its positives, such as something that I can't think of. So buy it if you want but its just '07 all over again but with a worse soundtrack and harder everything.

PS. I was extremely critical on this review and FIFA 08 is actually a great game and you should totally buy it