Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. A+ ending

    Chose choice A in Cape Urodela and include Eleanor in your party when you fight the final boss. Beat the game in under 25 hours, have Alphonse get at least 50 kills, and do not let more than 10 people die as well.

    The A ending requirements: Select choice A when Cybil asks you a question in a cutscene at Cape Urodela. This will put you on the A path. Eleanor must be included in your party for the final battle with Shaher (and she must survive).

    The requirements for the extra scene at the end: You must beat the game in under 25 hours, Alphonse must get at least 50 kills, and you can not let 5 members of your own party die (using a Snapdragon to turn a character into a sword counts as a kill).

    Contributed by: Rashidi 

  2. Scabellum's Secret Shop

    Take Deneb to Scabellum and enter the shop. You'll find that it has turned into a secret shop, where you can buy rare items. If you sell 5 Glass Pumpkins to the shopkeeper, you'll unlock the Firecrest.

    Contributed by: abyss_pollo 

  3. Get Deneb, the Witch <3!

    Code Effect
    Recruit a female soldier named 'Deneb' and turn her into a witch; Deneb has a stronger charm spell than regular witches, and she can summon as well. Deneb, the Witch <3

    Contributed by: abyss_pollo 

  4. Codes

    Enter your name as one of the following, for the appropriate region:

    Code Effect
    DEL.DATA Delete Data (NA Version)
    DEL_DATA Delete Data (JP Version)
    MUSIC.ON Music Test (NA Version)
    MUSIC_ON Music Test (JP Version)

    Contributed by: Tactics4527 

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