Tactical Intervention Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill 100 players via melee bashing Assault & Battery
    Give 50000 Health Saviour
    Defuse 100 Bombs Bomb Squad
    Commandeer 50 NPC Cars Police Business
    Arm 100 Bombs Mad Bomber
    Breach 100 Doors Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Me in!
    500 headshots with sniper rifles Marksman
    100 Kills with MG4 MG4 Expert
    200 Kills with Bekas Shotgun Bekas Expert
    200 Kills with TGS12 Shotgun TGS12 Expert
    500 Kills with the M1 Assault Rifle M1 Expert
    500 Kills with the Skorpion SMG Skorpions Sting
    500 Kills with the UZI Gang Banger
    500 Kills with the P90 SMG P90 Expert
    500 Kills with the AUG Assault Rifle Aug Expert
    Win 500 rounds of Mall Frequent Shopper
    Win 500 rounds of Skyrise Office Worker
    Win 500 rounds of Construction Hard Labour
    Win 500 rounds of Flash Metro Transit Authority
    Win 500 rounds of Highway Long Haul
    Win 500 rounds of Uprising Industrial Espionage
    Win 500 rounds of Morning Calm Ministry of Tourism
    Spend 200,000 Game Points CEO
    Spend 400,000 Game Points BigMoneySpending
    Win 5000 Rounds Carved out of Wood
    Rappelled down a floor 200 times Holy Human Fly
    Reach highest Kill Streak in TDM 200 times Streaker
    Eliminate each member of the Core TI Development team at least once Tactical Elimination
    Win 1000 Matches Millenium
    100 kills with the GSR1911 GSR1911 Expert
    100 kills with the Vertec Pistol Vertec Expert
    100 kills with the Sphinx Pistol Sphinx Expert
    200 kills with the XD45 Automatic Pistol XD45 Expert
    500 kills with the PDW SMG Personal Defense Warrior
    500 kills with the Super-V SMG Super-V Expert
    500 kills with the DSA58 Assault Rifle DS58 Obliterate
    500 kills with the M14 semi-automatic Sniper Rifle M14 Expert
    Reached Rank 30 Down and Dirty... Level Thirty!
    Reached Rank 50 TI Five-O
    Play TI well, a really long time... You've earned it. Specialist
    In one match get killed by a frag grenade, rpg and grenade launcher ach_ACME
    Kill 50 players via melee bashing Aggravated Assault
    Kick 100 Shopping Trolleys Consumer Rage
    Tear Gassed 5 times in one match Cry Me a River
    Drive over 10000km Should Have Taken A Flight...
    Fire.. Fire.. Fire!! Pyromaniac
    500 Kills with the K1A Assault Rifle K1A Expert
    200 Kills with the SPR Sniper Rifle SPR Exprt
    100 Kills with the P2000 Pistol P2000 Expert
    200 Kills with the FP6 Shotgun FP6 Expert
    200 Kills with the Ultima Ratio Sniper Rifle Ultimate Ratio Expert
    Win 1000 Rounds Space Monkey
    100 kills with the MR96 Revolver Revolutionary Killer
    Pickup 200 Ammo Bags Bag Collector
    Car-Jack 50 NPC Cars Grand Theft Auto
    50 Kills with RPG7 RPG7 Expert
    50 Kills with M320 Grenade Launcher M320 Expert
    500 Kills with the MP7 SMG MP7 Expert
    100 Kills with the P250 Pistol P250 Expert
    500 Kills with the G36K Assault Rifle G36K Expert
    Drive over 50 enemies Roadkill
    500 Kills with the M4 Assault Rifle M4 Expert
    Roll Over 5km The Hedgehog
    500 Kills with the MP5 SMG MP5 Expert
    Reached Rank 15 Lean and Mean... Level Fifteen!
    On Mall or Flash Metro, headshot eliminate an enemy through a paper covered window with a sniper rifle Windowned
    500 kills with the SG551 SG551 Expert
    Herd 500 Hostages to the ammobox in Hostage Rescue as a terrorist Shepherd
    500 Kills with the AK47 Assault Rifle AK47 Expert
    Win 500 Rounds Cookie Dough
    Win 100 Matches Century
    Ignite 3 or more Counter-Terrorists with one Incendiary Grenade Makin' Bacon
    Give 10000 Health Doctor
    As a passenger in a car, headshot an enemy in another car with a sniper rifle Derpin' With Turpin
    Honk your horn 50 times Road Rage!
    Win 50 Matches Matchbox 50
    As a Counter-Terrorist, rescue every hostage and win the round. Messiah
    Heal 5000 points of Damage Medic
    Eliminate a Terrorist while Blind Firing Blind Justice
    Eliminate a Counter-Terrorist while Blind Firing Blind Luck
    Drive over 10 enemies Vehicular Manslaughter
    Assist teammates 100 times Team Work
    Win 100 Rounds Candy Striper
    Eliminate someone using a civilian as a shield, without harming the civilian Clear Shot
    Reached Rank 5 High Five... Level Five!
    Be killed by a rappeling player The Suspense is Killing Me
    While flashed, eliminate a flashed Enemy See No Evil, Hear No Evil
    Give 1000 Health Nurse
    Flashed an entire squad of enemies Flasher
    Heal a teammate while they are being shot and killed. He's Dead, Jim
    Earned first promotion First Promotion
    Win your first match First Match
    Get a revenge assist against your killer Revenge is a Dish best served Cold... Dead

    Contributed by: Guard Master