This game "Shocked" me!

Pun intended! This game was released summer of 2007 and let me tell you, I bought this game as a filler, something to pass the time till halo 3 came out. And man... WAS I GLAD I BOUGHT IT! This game is great, it has everything from complex plot twists to complex characters. Stunning visuals, awesome effects, great sound, and a perfect plot. All of which making Bioshock such a fun game! This game takes place in an under water utopia called Rapture. You are a man who's plane crashed, near a light house, which brings you down to the city. Upon going down to rapture you meet, or hear a man by the name of Atlas. He is your personal guide through rapture. On your way through you are fighting through genetically mutated humans, called Splicers. The people of Rapture feed off of a substance called ADAM, and they also need EVE. You get a variety of weapons such as plasmids, genetic mutations of the genes that enable you to shoot fire, use telekinesis, freeze things, etc. The little sisters are protected by the Big Daddies, and you need to over come all of these obstacles to get to Andrew Ryan, the founder of Rapture. This is a game that will compel you till the last second. I know you will enjoy it.