Underrated, Fun 4 Player Co-Op

User Rating: 8 | Syndicate X360
Syndicate is worthy and entertaining online w it's 4 player co op, campaign is good but not over the top. I think have they released this game w only co op it probably would have got an 8/10. Great lighting, guns feel good, add on options for weapons and abilities plus more. Anyone rating this game under a 7 is a crackpot and has no gaming iq. 9 co op maps full of fire fights, 3 difficultly levels, normal, hard and expert. U have 4 main weapons to choose from, plus 3 different secondary pistols, aswell as several other weapons that enemy's drop and u can upgrade like a mini gun, laser type gun and more. Not sure were they get the people that review games on gamespot but I don't agree w the guy that did this review and many other reviews. Don't believe everything u read , well mine u can. Take care