With that awesome backgound i don't understand why the developers created just another generic FPS.

User Rating: 6 | Syndicate X360
Well i had play the old syndicate 19 years ago and i must say that THIS GAME doesn't relate in anyway to the original,but as a fps is not a bad game is just painfully generic. I really wanted to like this game a little bit more, but you know the cool aspects of that 1993 classic aren't here. First off why i can't create a team of agents like in the original? that was 1993 and that game had a lot of custom settings for you to play with (in that game you can choose the genre,looks,implants and weapons that every agent has) besides the cool thing about syndicate was that you have A GROUP of agents that you can command,not one lonely agent, second the story is not good and doesn't feel like the corporative warfare it claims (single player campaign), it feels like a personal revenge of a man who really doesn't care about anything but his own motives, third, why the single player campaign is so short? I finish it in 5 hours in hard difficulty, when it predecessor was way longer and way much addictive. Co-op is fun but the co-op campaign isn't much longer than the single player campaign and it's only for xbox live (no system link).
As a Fps Syndicate delivers a solid but never spectacualr experience, but as a "tribute" of that awesome game of 1993 it fails miserably.