If you havent already tried it, you are missing out!

User Rating: 10 | Syndicate PS3
Have now played and finished the single player campaign and also done a lot of co-op. can´t really say I understand those complains that some have over the storytelling in the campaign. IMO everything including the story was just great and the game in general is AWSOME.… If you haven't already tried it, you are missing out!

The best part of the game is defenetly the co-op campains which is just plain great. The fast pace and needed teamplat makes it a fun and enjoyable experiance. I think that last time I played a game that gave this fast speed action was Uneal Tournament and Quake. I would have seen that they had put in a Syndicate vs Syndicate game option. But I guess this is something they are planing on saving for a sequal. This first episode gives us a nice tast of the atmosphere of the game and some background story.