SYMPHONICA Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Unlockable Songs

    The following songs are unlocked by increasing your fame level. Increase your fame level by raising your rank on each song. Each song has can be scored on three difficulty levels. Unlock the other difficulty levels by beating the previous difficulty level with an S rank. The third difficulty level can't be played until you've completed all Story episodes.

    Code Effect
    Fame Level 1 Symphony No5, Beethoven
    Fame Level 2 "1812 Overture", Tchaikovsky
    Fame Level 3 Bwv 1068:II, "Air on a G String" by Bach
    Fame Level 4 Espana by E. Chabrier
    Fame Level 5 'Night on Bare Mountain', by Modest Mussorgsky

    Contributed by: ahoujed