Great RPG

User Rating: 10 | Sylia PC
A gem of a game, that will keep you glued to your pc until you can see its end... very very original plot and tons of goodies to find. The characters are among the most original you will ever see in a game of this genre. They also have a set of unique skills, you should see the dog trying to bribe enemies to get them to join your side.
Musics and graphics do the job. Aldorlea always does a good job and this one is really no exception. If you've played classics like Stars of Destiny you should see from where I'm coming.
The difficulty is just right and whether you are new to the genre or a veteran you can set it to whatever you like anyway, so everybody is happy!
All in all it's quite the best you can get in the genre. From someone who has played really a lot of these games, this is saying a lot.
Loved it, 10/10