Can you button mash?

User Rating: 6 | Sydney 2000 PS
After spending some time on my grandma's NES with Track and Field 2 I decided that I would want to try playing a more up to date oylimpics game and since it was only 99 cents I figured what they hey, I might as well give it a try. There are different ways to play, there is a mode, wher eyou make yourself good in one area and then you train, or you can pick the country of your choice and play agianst the computer or a friend in almost all of the events. There are quite a bit of events, and the graphics are not that bad either. The thing that gets this game, is that it is a button masher, so either you are good at it or you are gonna get really frustrated. Some events, will take you forever to master and you may just give up, but others like swimming, are actually fun, and you put forth your best efforts.