a game that rocks in vice city.

you may notice about the game is it takes things from scarface, miami vice, the music from the eara and what they wore and the disco music and partys and the drugs. this game is about tommy vercetti getting sent to vice city and setting up drug deal but goes wrong so he wants the money and to control vice city.

the game is awsome you have tons of weapons more radio stations this time and you get clothes this time and more cars and you get to go into places this time like into a folf course and one weapon is a golf club. you have more missions and the missions are funnier this time you have more chacters there are a lot of side missions this time.

the envoiment is awsome its bigger then gta 3 you have the beach you can enter some buildings you have voice celbrity in this game doing there voices the blood is great in this game there is the drugs that are involved in the game you have speed boats and helicopters are in this game this time.

overall you have all the fredom in this game this is game you can have tons of fun but its not like 3 or sa but its still fun to play get this game to play.