SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate Cheats For PC

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    Go to X:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\ContentExpansion\System and open the Swat4X.ini file. Go down to [Engine.GameEngine] and change EnableDevTools=False to EnableDevTools=True.

    Now press the ~ key while in the game and enter the following codes.

    Code Effect
    behindview 1 3rd Person
    behindview 0 Back To First person
    SetGravity X Changes Gravity to X (Replace X With number desired)
    God God Mode
    SetJump X Changes how high you jump to X (Replace X With number desired)
    Ghost No Clip
    Walk Turns no Clip Off
    kick cc spec ENTER SPECTATOR MODE: Enables user to fly around map
    kick cc view VIEW PLAYER MODE: Enables user to leave spec mode and view player viewpoints
    kick cc join REJOIN THE GAME: Leave spec mode and rejoin the game
    name CHANGE NAME: Leave a space then type your desired name
    say PUBLIC MESSAGE: For when "T" doesn't work
    teamsay TEAM MESSAGE: For when "Y" doesn't work

    Contributed by: newtekie1 

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