Bayonetta is just simply the Perfect action adventure game out there!

To begin I thought Bayonetta would just be a DMC rip-off, but it was anything but that. Bayonetta is an action adventure game like DMC but is not even comparable. It features the lovely Bayonetta a witch who is being hunted by supposed angels. Basically she has forgotten her memories and the as the game progresses you start to regain past memories. The game mechanics are perfect, the scenery and graphics a masterpiece and just the way the game was made is just mind boggling. I will recommend this game to everyone above the age of 16 and well if you don't have it as of yet go and rent or buy it. It took me exactly 11.5Hours to complete on Normal which is the highest difficulty the first time around.

Second, the characters are all bad@$$ and just plain lovable. The game has a certain vibe and feel to it which makes you want to keep playing and playing till its over, and even after it ends you will want to pick it up and play sum more. All in all this game is my favorite action adventure title on the 360 and can easily compete with huge titles like GOW.