Crashes Galore

User Rating: 3 | Supreme Commander X360
The gamespot review has it pretty much right on. The controls translated over to a console really well. But unfortunately the game lags like crazy, even when you've first started and only have about 40-50 units and buildings.

When I first popped in the game I went right to skirmish mode and played on a 20km x 20km map with one AI opponent and the max unit amout of 500. About 30 minutes in the game locked up on me. I thought to myself "OK, well I did have the biggest map size and highest number of units setting, but it was only 2 players instead of the max of 4.

So I tried the first mission of the campaign. Very small map on this mission, and I didn't have very many units built (maybe 100 at most). I was able to get through the mission (despite the horrible lag every couple of seconds), and when it got to the mission review screen at the end, I hit A to contnue and it locked up again.

I also experienced the thing the Gamespot reviewer mentioned about it showing idle engineers, but you cant always select them unless you go and manually find them and click on them. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Also, there is no way to select all idle engineers. You can double-click a unit to select all units of that type, but it doesn't work for idle engineers for some reason.

In short, the game has serious potential. The control scheme works great - much better than I ever imagined a console controller could handle an RTS game. The graphics weren't very good at all - even the screenshots for the 360 version look much better than the actual game does - makes me wonder if they used the PC version and tried to pass them off as Xbox360 screenshots. The crappy graphics didn't really bother me much though, as this kind of game is more about good gameplay, but the absolutely horrid framerate DID bother me. Every few seconds it pauses for about a half a second or so. And of course, 2 system lockups in 1 hour is not acceptable to me.

I give this game a 3.0 in it's current state. Maybe it will be patched up at some point, who knows. I do know that my copy will be going back to the store tomorrow for a refund though.