User Rating: 5.2 | Supreme Commander PC
It seems like a big deal. The theater of war zoom out and in options are excellent. State-of-the-art. Not ahead of its time though. It is, however, practically stone age when it comes to strategic gameplay. The AI is easy at Supreme. There's nearly no diversity between the three factions, so there's no dynamic spectrum to allow for replayability. If you want to see robots fight, there are plenty of movies and anime that are much more spectacular than this. The scale characters in respect to the environment is better than most games, but a pretty woman made of styrofoam still can't love you, no matter how pretty. Try Star Wars, Empire at War series. Stronger in most respects, and infinitely more dynamic. If it just has to be robots for you, and you want to be involved and have a multiplayer option than I suggest Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots. Also more dynamic.