Super Swing Golf Season 2 Cheats For Wii

  1. Coin Bonuses

    Certain amount of coins get you special items! You do not need to buy them, they are FREE when you reach the specific amount of coins!

    Code Effect
    84 coins Righteous Rider Set (Max)
    84 coins School Gym Set (Kooh)
    84 coins Gothic Set (Arin)
    87 coins Brie
    90 coins Black Formal Set (Scout)
    90 coins Little Fox Dress-Up Set (Kooh)
    90 coins Pnagya Cafe Set (Arin)
    93 coins Fancy Frilled Dress (Hana)
    93 coins Pink Waitress Set (Kooh)
    93 coins Superior Set (Arin)
    96 coins Midnight Lola (Lola)
    96 coins Sepia Tiki (Tiki)
    96 coins Safari Quma (Quma)
    141 coins Hayabusa Ninja (Max)
    141 coins Mocchi (Kooh)
    141 coins Kasumi Ninja (Arin)
    150 coins Demon Hunter (Cecilia)
    153 coins Ayane (Kooh)
    153 coins Tecmobowl (Max)
    114 coins Kick Back At Home Set (Kooh)
    114 coins Dark Magable Set (Arin)
    114 coins Simple Tuxedo Set (Kaz)
    117 coins Papel Set (Hana)
    117 coins Fairy Dress Set (Kooh)
    117 coins River Battle Set (Kaz)
    122 coins Relax At Home Set (Arin)
    122 coins Violet Parka Set (Kaz)
    122 coins Libera TitanBoo (TitanBoo)
    122 coins Black Lace Brie (Brie)