SSFIV simply put, is an improvement to an already Blockbuster game. It is in no way just a "rip-off DLC".

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Street Fighter IV PS3
Capcom and the Street Fighter series are definatly familiar with DLC's. Back when SFII was out they released "DLC" cartridges with 1 or 2 new fighters and a new areana. Back then this was a rip-off, Id know, I spent my allowance on them and was upset on how horrible the content was for $10. But SSFIV is no where near those other "DLC"'s. This game isnt just a "to big for download DLC" this is indeed a new game in itself with nastalgic characters and new ones that add awesome amounts of flare to the series. Not only that, but they also balanced out charaters by giving Ryu's Shoryuken 2 hits instead of one and making Seth less powerful than he already is.

The gameplay in SSFIV is indeed the same if you have already played SFIV. The only new addition to the gameplay is probaly the shining star of the game, the all new Ultra-Combos. These new UC make you go "oh snap!" and point your finger in your friends face and scream "HAHAHAHAHA" right into their pathetic looking face. These UC are mini cut scene like moves in which your fighter whoops the butt of his opponent. For example new charater Haken slips all around you then slams you really hard and takes literally half your oppponents health away. As im describing UC's, it seems like Im saying this one move will end the match, indeed it wont. It may take half or close to that off of your opponents health bar. But the downside to these sweet moves, is they are hard to perform and will take time to master. But once they are used and mastered you feel extremely proud of yourself.

The new characters in SSFIV are awesome and add some awesome flare to the game. Returning charaters from other games like Guy from Final Fight and Cody from the same game. Some fighters also return from SFIII. The new ones are probaly the best of the bunch suprisingly; Dudely a tough as nails but still a gentleman english Boxer, Deejay a Jamacican Regaee rocker, T. Hawk (orginial name ehh?) An indian thats the size of a hummer, and many more. (by many I mean 2 or 3 more). I dont want to spoil the new charaters so please see them for yourself.

Now to the shining star of SSFIV, the online play. Suprisingly the online has been drastically improved and adds some much new stuff, its ALMOST addicting. The new replay channel and banners and collectable icons make fighintg for more even more addicting. The new re-play channel is indeed what it sounds like, it is quite simply an area where you can watch awesome fights people wanted to record, and indeed some of these are awesome. I saw one where a fighter simply won from doing nothing but grabs and another where two dudes defeated each other with only Ultra Combos. This new re-play channel is not only cool, its really entertaining and helpful. Not only has this new re-play channel been added, new fights modes have been made as well, in which I want you to experiacne for yourself. One notable fight mode would be endless fight, in which you fight for a long time.
One of the most addciting parts to the online has to be the banner and icon collecting. The more you master charaters and win matches the more Icons and mini banners you win to gloat off to other fighters when they see who theyre facing. Not only can this make you look good, some of these icons look sweet which makes you want to collect them souly for that purpose.

SSFIV not is amazing for the reasons Ive stated above, but its the fact its just so dang addicting. Collecting trophies, winning on the hardest mode level, the online, and especially collecting outfits for characters, this game just boils down to pure addictiveness. Hours will pass before you realize how much youve been playing. SSFIV is indeed one of the biggest bangs for your buck this year.

Not only is it a major bang for your buck, its a very good family/friends game. Playing with friends has never been more fun and even your older members of your family can join. Gloating on who got what Ultra combo just turns into pure hilarity chaos.

Also fear not SFIV owners, if you have a save slot from the orginial you get rewarded for purchasing SSFIV by getting outfits for 2 characters. Sorry I cant imform you on who since I didnt own SFIV, all I know is you are indeed rewarded. So you orginal owners got that going for you.

All in all SSFIV is the best fighting of this generation and if you pass on this one, youre just plain silly for doing so.