A fun and sometimes addicting game when playing with other people but single player arcade extremely broken.

User Rating: 6.5 | Super Street Fighter IV PS3
Street fighter 4 is one of those games that are only enjoyable when playing with other human players. When playing with others it's a blast. However the campaign mode is so unforgivingly cheap that you should thank your lucky stars it's not required to play since all characters are unlocked to begin with. First of all , half the people you will fight will either turtle in a corner the whole round and make you do all the attacking so they can counter you or they will spam special moves. If you sit there to try to make them leave their corner they will repeatedly shoot projectiles at you. If you jump over the projectiles to attack you will almost always be countered for you effert. This is extremely annoying and takes all the fun out of this game. Then my personal favorite. There is almost always that one character during the campaign who is basically unbeatable. The character tends to be random but you'll know when you encounter him/her. EVERYTHING you throw at this person will be blocked and or countered. There really isn't anything you can do in hopes of winning except pray the computer makes a mistake and you get a good hit in. In most fighters such as tekken , dead or alive, virtua fighter or mortal kombat when you encounter something like this changing up your fighting style usually fixes the problem. Not in street fighter. I tried everything from repeatedly switching from high and low attacks, timing my opponents moves so i can counter and even spamming specials out of desperation. Made no difference the computer just blocked and countered everything. This kind of gameplay just leads to frustration and takes all entertainment value out of the single player campaign. If you must buy this make sure you got a friend to play with or play online. Don't bother with arcade.