Just what I expected when I bought it. A classic fighter, that's been updated, and upgraded.

User Rating: 9 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
Now I haven't been the expert at the old Arcades, during the time of Street Fighter II and the other games. Honestly, I am not the great fanboy, nor was I a huge fighting game fan. However I did know, what was "expected".

One day, I finally sat down and saw a relatively good pricing on
Super Street Fighter IV, and I thought: "Why not give it a chance?"..
So I bought it, arrived in two days, and I got it started up.

The graphics are astonishing for a Fighter game, and for any game generally. It's charming and colorful. Other than that, I tried to learn out the kinks, by reading the manual, and getting some tips on some of the classical characters from way back, like Guile and Ryu. But then I wanted to venture deeper into the whole feeling, of new territory. So I chose Hakan, which is one of the new 10 Characters in SSF4.

at first, with a regular Gamepad, it's hard to pull off some of the tricks, and it still is for me, but I've tried to learn some strategies, and work out some of my own. It works really well, and you adapt.

Some say the game is "hard"; and I'll give them that. It isn't just for those who wants to sit down and do a little online battling, first time they play.
This game has got some tactics, timing, precision and strategy.
But it's not impossible, sure ain't for me. I am feeling like I'm doing quite okay, and that I am learning things as they pass by.

The sounds, and the music in the game really hits the spot.
It gives you the feel of the old Arcade games, and it's just lovely.

There are also some cool online features, like the Replay Channel.
You can watch, and Save replays from online matches that's been fought.
And you can watch them in slowmotion, to get the grip of their tactics, and their movement. It's great really!.

On top of that, It does feel like a deep fighting game, and there's more than just smashing buttons. You need patience. If you've got it, you're gonna get the grip of this game, and it's gonna be a blast.

And whether you're hardcore, or casual like me, It's always great to have a friend come over, and do a lil' gaming!

I can recommend this game based on so many things,
But mainly it's all just so hard to describe at once.