If only Mortal Kombat stayed as true as SSF4

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
this game is definately worth the 39.99 , plus you can get 10$ trade in for the first version which is cool, so for 30 this is a steal. all the new characters are interesting and cool and theres so many fighters to choose from you'll have fun finding new favorites and mastering them , i especially like Dee Jay and the addition of another Ultra combo for every single character especially Bisons new one . This game is fast- action paced adrenaline and will keep you on your toes and any1 into fighting games this is a must buy .This game is also highly detailed and the new backgrounds are definately awesome.If you have an Hd tv and surround sound your in for a treat. I wish the Mortal Kombat series had stayed closer to its beginning formula like in mortal 2 and 3 and tried not to reinvent itself but oh well.