Simply the best in the series !! that game smokes all the previous ones and is simply so much fun,anyone can enjoy it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
super street fighter 4 is THE game to play, it beats all the games in the series and plus, it combined almost every player in the history of the game,with new and improved ultra combos...its nice gameplay can satisfy almost any taste. the game has no weakness points anyone should try it,it wont be disappointing...even though the game is pretty much a versus game no one has to worry about not having an opponent ,simply plug in the connexion to internet and enjoy the online gameplay with anyone else, or try the challenge modes they are quite challenging :P (personally till now i could not finish them on hard difficulty :P ) if we come to think about it SSF4 smokes any versus or fighting game of its kind out there! ...........there is that thing i could not help myself from writing : notice the funny faces everyone makes when they are hit by ryu's shoryuken ultra combo :P