If you aren't already in the Street Fighter clubhouse, they still aren't accepting applications.

User Rating: 5.5 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
Street Fighter 4 was a great fighting game, and by default, so is this extended addition. It adds ten fighters to the roster, and includes new online features. The graphics have even been fine tuned ever so slightly to run smoother and look even brighter. However, the game still has the same problems as it's less super older brother, leaving it a raw deal for anyone who is not already a member of the hardcore Street Fighter faithful.

First, the budget forty dollar price is deceptive. As with the last game, you are nearly immediately confronted with the reality that to be competitive on just about any level, you must purchase a sold separately arcade stick. The good one goes for an additional $149.99, bringing the true cost of the game to nearly $200 for anyone who doesn't already own one. Yet more frustrating is the reality that the sticks themselves come at different levels of quality as well, and you may even need to buy new specialized parts to install, as well as pay maintenance fees on it as time moves on and it breaks down on you from regular use.

If Capcom bundled the game with an arcade stick, and was honest about the real price of admission, it wouldn't be so bad, but this stand alone edition is all that is on the market. It reeks of deceptive practices, make the game so complicated and nuanced that an arcade stick, a really good one, is necessary, then sell an arcade stick that costs nearly as much as an actual gaming console does. Technically it's optional, but if you don't take that option, you'll be curb stomped into the ground so much so often you'll just end up giving up on the game anyway, wasting the initial purchase that could have gone to a game you could get more out of.

It's a solid enough game at the core, it's just that most of us will never really "get it", and Capcom has once again done a good job of including a training mode that makes sure we continue to not "get it", it says "do this and this and this" and gives no indication of how. No video tutorial, no deeper explanation. Nothing. (Hint, if you don't have the previously mentioned arcade stick, you're screwed here) This kind of club house game development should not be supported, it's like saying "buy our game... but good luck enjoying it, suckers! hahaha!".

If you have some friends who played SF with you back in the day, and play on a nice casual level of skill, you could conceivably have a ton of fun with them on and offline with what is, at the core, a pretty good game. Just stay far, far, far, far away from the larger online scene, unless you're prepared to plunk down the extra money to be competitive, and study the game like a college course for a few months. Because let's face it, you're probably not the next Daigo, or Justin Wong. If you aren't already in the Street Fighter clubhouse, they still aren't accepting applications, but they will beat you up and take your money.