I've been waiting to get my hands on it and finally, on this day, I got it. This is going to be one hell of a show!

User Rating: 10 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
Super Street Fighter IV is improved in ways that Street Fighter IV didn't have. There are bonus stages which were very fun during the days of Street Fighter II. IV didn't have it but fortunately, Super Street Fighter IV brings them back. Yes, the car and the barrels is what I mean. Another good thing about this game is that you don't have to unlock anyone since all the characters are unlocked already when you first begin playing it; one thing that was kind of a hassle with the first Street Fighter IV. I noticed that if you have saved data from it, you will get the last 2 costumes unlocked and that was pretty cool but I don't change the colors of costumes so yeah. In Street Fighter IV, a bunch of old characters from games like Street Fighter II (including Turbo) and Street Fighter Alpha came to this game. With this game, the entire Street Fighter II cast is completed since all that was left was Dee Jay and T-Hawk. Aside from those 2, there are new characters plus other returning characters as well. A few of the returning characters are Cody, Guy and Adon (Street Fighter Alpha series) and then Ibuki, Dudley (Street Fighter III series) and Makoto (Third Strike). There are also 2 brand new characters; Juri, an evil Korean chick whose fighting style is taekwondo and then Hakan, a Turkish oil wrestler. In Third Strike, you can select from 3 Super Arts (Super Combos). In Super Street Fighter IV, you can select from 2 Ultra Combos. Every character has 2 Ultras in this game. For instance, Ryu's Ultra is Metsu Hadoken. Well, in SSF4, you can choose that one or Metsu Shoryuken. Trials are also present in this game but this time, you don't have to go back to the trials menu when you complete a set and that's definitely an improvement over Street Fighter IV. Another improvement is new stages and better ending credits. No J-Rock like Street Fighter IV had and I think it's better this way. In my opinion, that Indestructible song (or The Next Door as it's called in Japanese), got pretty annoying to me. I liked the opening movie in Street Fighter IV but in this game, there's no watercolor graphics. Instead, it looks like sketch drawings. I liked it actually. The characters looked pretty good, I think. What I don't like are the anime prologue cutscenes because they all look like slideshows but the artwork is definitely better and I have to give props for that. The ending scenes actually have movement in them which leads me to think "why couldn't they do that with the prologues?" oh well, it's all good. New rival battles, new stages, new Ultra Combos, more characters, and bonus stages. I think this is the Street Fighter they should have had in the beginning.