Street Fighter IV with amendments and additions.

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Street Fighter IV X360
All I can say right now is that the hardcore Street Fighter fans will find Super Street Fighter IV a lot more enjoyable than the original.
Here's what I've to say after playing this title 18 hours straight!

Presentation (8)
As the game begins you are greeted by a scene action scene featuring Ryu and Ken. Once you hit the title screen, press start and you'll be on the main menu. Those of you who have saved data from Street Fighter IV will be granted the final two gameplay color schemes that are selectable for any character, one of them grants you the vivid pencil style animation that was seen in the introduction video, the other color is actually a form of cell shading that also looks great.
The individual character's arcade/story modes aren't much to get excited about. In a nutshell, your selected character enters a fighting tournament, beats a couple opponents, and defeats the evil Seth.

Graphics (8.5)
Super Street Fighter IV isn't miles ahead of the original graphically. The character models haven't changed; newer characters to this title translate very well into the game's art style. Some cut scenes throughout the arcade mode are animated, they do not utilize the in game engine as I would have preferred. The battle stages are diverse and vibrant, featuring regular citizens, vehicles, and large animals.

Gameplay (9)

Arcade/Story mode aside, Street Fighter's classic gameplay is where it shines. The core gameplay of Super Street Fighter IV has some slight tweaks over its predecessor, to put it in perspective; Super Street Fighter IV actually takes a lot of gameplay elements from the prized classic fighting game Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. When I tried to transition my game from former characters in Street Fighter IV into Super it took a bit of adjusting. The change in game speed is welcomed because SFIV's gameplay did seem to drag along at times. In addition to the tweaked gameplay you have 35 characters to experiment with, 10 more than the previous cast. Most of the new characters to Super that haven't appeared in the original Street Fighter IV were playable in 3rd Strike, a few others are completely new to the series. Some characters have been tweaked individually (from SFIV) because of balancing issues. Every character has a new ultra combo available that needs to be selected before battle. There are up to 12 selectable colors per character for all you gamers who love to win in style. As you progress in the game you will unlock the ability to change individual character languages between English and Japanese. Familiar sounds from older Street Fighter titles can be heard throughout the game. You also have a variety of battle stages to choose, ranging from a rain forest in Brazil to a savannah in Africa. Your additional offline features include versus mode, trials, and bonus stages. The two bonus stages don't give much incentive to play, but you'll have to visit them during arcade mode. The first stage requires you to destroy a small vehicle for points, the second lets you also rack up points by destroying falling barrels.

Balance (8)
You'll find yourself more intrigued with the competitive aspect of Super Street Fighter IV online rather than offline. It seems to be a lot more effort put into online features rather than offline. Arcade mode isn't necessarily worth your time because most of the content is already unlocked.

It may be too early to tell if certain characters are overpowered and/or unbalanced, but after 18+ hours of playing I don't think there any characters that have any outrageous advantages. Old characters like Vega, Guile who were low tier have been tweaked to hold their own against stronger characters. But there are some unwanted nerfs too.

Final Score (8.5)
If you've purchased the original title and enjoyed it to the fullest, then I recommend you to give Street Fighter another chance due to polish and added features, although it would have been great if this game would have been a downloadable add-on, rather than a full purchase. But for $39.99 those of you who haven't purchased Street Fighter IV should consider this title a steal.