Cannot get back into online matches without being severely outranked

#1 Posted by Overkillhazard (90 posts) -
I'm not the best player, but I'd like to think I'm not the worst, with "like to think" being the catch. You see, I just recently tried to jump into multiple online matches on this game, but found that there are literally no players online who are of my low, undeveloped rank, and am finding it impossible to find a match where I get to play, as opposed to sitting there watching as a terrible combination of overranking players and lag make it impossible to win a single match, let alone even enjoy one. I find it bullshit that I payed for a game which, due to these reasons, I am essentially no longer allowed to play. After multiple matches, I found that if superior players didn't do me in, lag did: none of the links which I have spent countless hours practicing even worked. My question for today is this: how the **** can I possibly hope to get back into the Street Fighter scene (I am a fan of fighting game scenes in general) when this game's matchmaking doesn't even give me any sort of chance? My thanks in advance.