Rocked my fighting world

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PS3
Defenetly this game is one of the best Capcom had ever developed really, has it grows it's not pack with much surprises but it's a heck of fine game. I'll start with the new and added things in it. It´s still SSFIV but in the arcade edition there where just added new characters like Evil Ryu, Yang and Yun and Oni. There's and Arcade Mode, for getting to know the story of the character you choose to fight with. Training Mode, develop combos or battle tactics for yourself. Trial Mode it's a way to get to know better your favorite character they guive you all combos and ticks avaliable for each one. The Challenge Mode included in the trial, more like way to spend time and a classic one actualy like, the guive you a car and you have to break it before the time ends. Battle Log, where you set your title and some phrases, and get to watch your replays or ohters. And one i should mention before the Network Mode where all options are typical like any other fighting games and you get to fight players around the Globe. It has a stunning graphic and one (But not easy) command option, thats one of the problems the difficults the game for people. I find it hard a bit in your way around the arcade. It requires real fighting games experience, lot of quick thincking and time to learn. All characters has its Ultra and super, you can only active the Ultra that its a devastating combo move when your life bar hits a certain point, and you can only activate super when your Gauge bar is all filled up, and for all the characters there are the effect in colour it opens up the more time you spen playing with one character. From all i got this is all for my review.