Ono teasing was nothing more than oil thrown on the fire. Another big idea from Ono to cash on us the fans...

User Rating: 6 | Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PS3
It is still the most entertaining fighting game to play online, but this is just ridiculous. 3 iterations of the same game? Ono, I paid for 2 copies of Street Fighter 4, I bought a PS3 to play Super Street Fighter because you didn`t wanted to release a PC version, and now you want to put your hand in my pocket for clumsy tweaks that boost overly strong characters and weaken the unique one like Fuerte?

I am sorry, not this time. I am an hardcore Street Fighter 4 player, but this iteration is a joke. When I heard about Yun and Yang or whatever... and evil evil Akuma and evil Ryu, I wanted to cry.

Not only that, but Dan dying in the next SF X Tekken? Ono, are you insane? Well, we all know you are, but now it is just a joke.

This game doesn't get 6 because it is a bad game, it got a 6 because this is just another gimmick for getting money from our pocket. This should have been free for the tweaks and playing against the new characters online like Mortal Kombat (Kudos for them for this matter), but if you want to play with the characters, you should be paying.

But now, instead the kill the online community by splitting 2 version of the same game with 4 new characters that are totally uninteresting. We really needed more Ryu clones in that game anyway...