4 new characters and a whole new replay system in this upgrade of the best fighter this gen.

User Rating: 7.5 | Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PS3
Super Street Fighter 4 is in fact possibly the Ultimate Experience but throw in a few extras for about $15 then you get alot of new content.

The new features include 4 new characters Evil Ryu and Oni basically Evil Akuma and also 3rd Strike Characters Yang and Yun enter the battlefield. The game has tweaked a few characters but remains mostly unchanged for parts of it.

You get an updated Replay System where you can follow 5 people online and get them uploaded to your replay section. How it works is the game will give you their latest replay. This is useful for maybe getting to learn better combo chains with your character. It also has a new Ranking System as well for how high you are with that parituclar character and how well you are doing overall in terms of Player Points.

A small update that maybe could have been cheaper but it makes the roster ever bigger,tweaks certain character balance and adds 4 characters. If you own SSF4 its best you probably download it because its the latest update unless you don't play it much anymore.

Overall Score 7.5