I thought rehashing games was old news. Good update though.

User Rating: 9 | Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PS3
This is starting to get really old. Capcom knows how to milk Street Fighter fans. Every time I see another new version of Street Fighter I get even more upset. But Capcom did the right thing by giving owners of SSF4 the option to download it for a small fee. An additional fifteen dollars wasn't too bad considering what you get for the update.


This is the meat and potatoes of the update.

You get Oni Gouki, Evil Ryu, Yun, and Yang. All four characters are great additions to the game.

Oni Gouki has an almost unpredictable move set and way better ultra combos. He is the character with the most bang in this update.

Evil Ryu is fast, has better ultra combos, and a better move set. He plays more like Gouki; however he doesn't have all of Gouki's moves. I love Evil Ryu's second ultra. The ultra kind of reminds me of something you see in Mugen.

Yun and Yang are both fast and has the infamous Genei Jin as their super. The Genei Jin is one of my favorite supers in the game; because of what you can do with it. They move faster, each attack hits you more than once due to the shadow clone like strikes and it allows you to create combos you couldn't do without it. Getting caught in the corner with that move is down right horrific. And if you pick Ibuki she now has the shadows that were missing in SSF4. In third strike, dashing and using certain attacks generates shadows which were not present in SSF4 before the new update I am reviewing. The only move that had the shadows was the sliding grapple attack.

Online updates:

The replay channel now allows you to keep a closer eye on more skilled players. The characters are rebalanced. I think I'm missing something, but I will update it later.

Final Thoughts:


Greater character additions that adds ever more depth to a great roster from SSF4. There are few extra online tweaks to be had. And it feels a lot more like the arcade version. Is it just me or does the game feels like it plays faster.


You will probably see less variety of character selections and this is yet another one of Capcom's annoying habits.
The online community will probably get divided due to updates some individuals don't like. Re balancing characters isn't really something some fans and pro gamers agree with. I am more like a casual player; however I try to play fighting games better in order to put on a better show when I play highly skilled players. I don't like concern myself with the changes. At least the re balancing in this game isn't as bad as blazblue continuum shift. The current update for blazblue made playing it even more difficult.

This is probably one of the best updates I have ever seen so far. So I will give it a 9 out of 10.