This game have the original storylines from SF/SSF IV?

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Just curious because all I have is the original SF IV.  Does all 3 titles (orginal, SSFIV, SFIV:AE) have different single player story modes that are only available with their respective releases or can I expect to have every cut scene if I buy the arcade edition?  I like going through the story modes of each character and just wonder if I will miss out by not buying SSF IV?  Also I will keep my copy of SF IV if cut scenes are exclusive to that.  I know that arcade edition is the one to own but I'm anal about having all the cut scenes.

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It's been that way since Street Fighter II came out on the SNES they release dozens of updates for the same game but don't change the story just add more character the only one that never got the release Arcade Turbo Washinng Machine Edition was Street Fighter I, which i don't even think is avalable on PSN or XBLA