An amazing return to the classic series!

User Rating: 10 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
Street Fighter HD Remix is amazing return to the classic Street Fighter 2 series that any fan of Street Fighter should purchase. It is the most complete XBL Arcade game to date and is quite possible one of the greatest fighting games ever made.


-Amazing 1080p graphics. Every character sprite has been redrawn in HD and they look amazing on a big screen.

-Remixed themes of every character done by OCremix. For the most part they are great original reimaginations of the classic themes and fit very well. (Classic soundtrack is still available (and so are the classic sprites!)).

-Flawless online play. Virtually zero lag game play allows for a very competitive and fair online environment. When your opponent drops in a ranked game, you get the win!

-Needed character balance by David Sirlin (OG SF player and gaming design master). Every character in the game has a legitimate chance to win any match. Skill determines who wins now, not the character. Many moves are easier to do as well (like T.Hawks 360 and 720 super!).


Slight graphical glitches that overall do not affect gameplay at all and will more than likely be patch within the week!

Other than that, this is perhaps the best fighting game experience for consoles to date. Forget the past of people abusing lag tactics to boost their ranks for their own egos. Gone is people dropping from ranked matches taking away your earned win, in comes in a new era of online fighting.

You ready? LETS FIGHT!