SSF2THDR!! Worth the wait!!! a revival of the old classic battles on arcades

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
What can I say?

SSF2THDR... too long isnt it?

I first took a glance on this game last year when capcom announced they will remake that classic game on the XBLA... it was the time when Fatal fury special came out... september i believe.

now is out! and it was worth the wait, hardly the words here can explain all the detail and arrangments of this game!


ALL OF THEM reedited with 1080p resolution for a hdtv... if you can run it at this resolution DO IT!! without any doubt!

the faces of the characters, the bodies looks great! I personally love what they did for Chun Li (ohhh yea...) and Guile, the backgrounds shines for their details and animations, some backgrounds had some elements deleted, for example in chun li´s stage on the right side there was a guy draining water from a wall...

This game has to versions, the classic ones and the remixed... in my opinion the remixed are great (most of them were made from OCREMIXERS, look for them on the web you won´t regret) but in some stages they ruined good songs, like Spain, and USSR.

Here comes a bad and a good thing:

the bad: the xbox thumstick and D-pad are not the best ones to play, if you have another stick use it without a doubt, im using the thumstick and is HARD to do the sho ryu ken when your character faces right... im not the best but im a skilled player...

the good: the thumstick is VERY sensitive so it wont be needed to press all the way of the pad on a direction.

Voices/Sounds: it seems they fixed the voices, remember the girly hadoken from Ryu? now he sounds a little manly..... little.....very litlle...........

the FX are the same as I remember so there is no point to waste words on this.

THE PRICE 1200 MS points!!! (15$ dlls) its a good looking freaking game but its a little expensive, i mean... all the new games have that price and its really bad news, because that means all the new good games will be at that price.

Any way...

If you can afford it GET IT!you wont regret... if you cant at the moment GET A JOB and GET IT!!! or save money.

Capcom did a great job ! and its good they decide to return the old classic arcade games to the xblam i hope they release more.. like alien vs predator arcade game or dungeons & dragons....

or even a Demon´s Crest game.....

heilz out!