Great version of THE classic we were all playing on our snes's. I shudder to think how many hrs of my life i've used up.

User Rating: 9 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
well this is the version of street fighter 2 i was hoping for when sf2 came available on xboxlive last in 2006! this game is to me, a great nostalgia trip that takes me back to those long summer hols in the early/mid 90's, when i was but a boy. the graphical enhancement has let the game retain its awesomness for 2008. games are rarely as visually pretty as you remember and have a habit of ruining those childhood memories, older gamers empathise with what i'm talking about. This game makes me want to be 14 again and have full on saturday marathons with yer mates round again. this game has definitely retained it's authentic 'cool factor', BRAVO!

One thing though......1,200 MS points!!!!!!!!!!! That seriously sucked, and will continue to suck, b*lls. BOOOOO!!!

Advice to XBOX..... Get this game down to 800 MS and this I will herald as the greatest Arcade game to date. HUZZAH!!!