Best of the Best..A defenite Buy!

User Rating: 10 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
Gameplay: The movements of the characters are very balanced and smooth. Online play is phenomenal and has the least amount of lag compared to any other fighting game I have played by far. It is a very fun game to play single or multiplayer and one of the only games which makes my heart beat fast and my hands sweat =) The online mode is very competetive while the single player mode lets you fine tune your abilities and offers a wide range of scalable difficulty from novice to expert. The AI is also hugely improved over the classic street fighter and offers quite a challenge even for the dedicated veteran SF players. Online mode keeps track of player standings in weekly overall and throughout the games life time. It even has online tournaments in which up to eight players can compete against each other..There can only be one!

Graphics: The characters are beautifully hand drawn in HD while the backgrounds come to life through vivid colors as well as people cheering you on or attending to their buisness. Whatever the stage is, the backgrounds fit perfect and create the atmoshere that is needed. Animations are smooth and quick just like they should be for a fast paced fighting game.

Sound: The sounds are clean, sharp and are better in everyway compared to the old SF game. No complaints here.

Verdict: I would have to say that this is my favorite Fighting game that I have played so far and considering that it doesnt cost anywhere near the $60 most new games cost it is a must buy for any fighting fan. The guys at Backbone really took their time to polish and refine this master piece.