Everything that you'd thought and knew would be,even being unplayable with the 360 d-pad.

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
A prettier version of Street fighter 2 with nice amount of characters.SF2 fans like yours truly,who have been waiting for this one will not be disappointed.The only problem that I knew would happen is that it would be unplayable with the 360 d-pad.Other than that the game is everything that I had expected ,crisp,clear,sounds and visuals make the game feels fresh.Online play is definitely an essential and has been added.The game delivered like I'd expected with no technical issue that I could find.Now,I can't think of anything else to write but I don't have enough words yet so just pick up this one if your a Street Fighter fan or a fan of 2d fighters,and you'll definitely will want to pick up a joy pad or a controller with longer d-pad to be able play this one.Still not enough words so,happy Thanksgiving to all!