A masterpiece from A to Z that no SF fan should pass up.

User Rating: 10 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
Where do I start.

First, this game is a 100% success online. I just played 15 games in a row and had no trouble finding games with pings well below the 100's, and the controls are very responsive. No SF game in the past comes close to this in terms of the online experience.

Second, the tweaking done to some moves is awesome, like Guile's super which is now way more intuitive. Everything just seems more balanced...I just played against a Vega player and he was always doing that wall jump kick move, but with my correctly timed flash kicks I was able to oblitherate him.

Third, the new graphics are just great. I'm constantly looking at the characters and backgrounds, they look gorgeous in HD.

This is a huge improvement over the beta, and a perfect example of what you end up with when you listen to the fans and take into account their feedback.

Do yourself a favor, purchase this game with an arcade stick, and prepare for utter bliss.