This a Steal for just 15.75 on the PSN!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix X360
This is clearly a game for the true fans of a classic fighters. SFTHDremix is what fans of the series have been drooling over for the past 10 some odd years. In HDRemix you will plays as the 16 classic fighters you all know and love from the original streetfighter 2 turbo for the SNES. This new version of the instant classic has revamped 2D graphics with enhanced colors and backgrounds.
The game features a number of modes for you to enjoy as you please. Gone are the days of searching for friends to bring over and battle with in your living-room. HDRemix has a polished multiplayer online for up to 8 friends. As you would expect there are ranked and non-ranked matches available from the start. Ranked matches include a scoreboard sheet which is viewed by ever owner of the game. Although battling your way to the top will be a hard task it serves as being one of the most rewarding features in the game.
The rest of the modes in the game are pretty obvious including single player arcade and training modes. however if you anything like me most of your time with this game will be ducking it out on the exciting new online multiplayer modes
. All in all SFTHDRemix is a steal at just a little over 15 on the PSN or XBL. The game play is crisp and the colors pop off of your screen. The new and old features are enough to keep you playing well into the new year will you wait for the 4 installment of the series to come out. Hope to you online.