Don't believe the hype!

If your a total action/adventure control immersive guy like me you will not really care for the game. Here are the key points:

Pros: Just as the critics say, this game has a great story! Its one of the best I have seen all year. Towards the end though, some of the story parts made no sense. The story was pretty good to the point where I played through the garbage controls just to see what happened next. The music was also above average.

Cons: THE GAMEPLAY CONTROL SYSTEM SUCKS WITH A CAPITAL S!! Lord have mercy, I could barely tolerate this absolutely stupid gameplay control! You play freakin' simon says during action sequences, which has absolutely nothing to do with whats happening on the screen! Hell, you even do this during plain conversations! Sometime this silly " joystick shuffle " crap happens so fast and often you can't enjoy the scene behind it! WHY!!!!! Then you have timed conversation selections so you may not have enogh time to make the best choice! I could have sworn the guy in the tutorial said to think carefully? Idiot! Thinking carefully and thinking fast does not go hand in hand most of the time! Interacting with objects is a frustrating chore! You sometime have to search for the right spot around an object just so you can interact with it!

Bottom line: Good story,but very very stupid gameplay control. I really wanted to give up because of the crap controls but I also wanted see what the big deal was. Unfortunately, games like God of War and Metal Gear Solid 3 set the bar so high that you have to come with more than a good story to impress me! Action/ adventure lovers that like lots relevant control should pass on this one!