Really Riddley?

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Apparently a lot of people want Riddley. My question is how? Its not that I can't see Riddley having a move set, but rather I can't see him walking. In every Metroid game that I've played where Riddley is present he is ether sitting or flying. He could glide like charizard for his dash, and just sitting would be easy, but walk? That would look soooooo awkward. Thoughts?

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come on brah it could happen :P

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People have apparently always wanted him, and I too have always wondered why. What is so appealing about him exactly?

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Forget Ridley, I want Kraid!  One fart and he'd kill everyone!  ;-p

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I don't know about ridley being playable. As a boss he is awesome. I WOULD like the metroid represented by more than 1 character though. Not many famous human sized characters in that universe tho xD. Dark Samus? Slower, but stronger and her moves are all dark and creepy as opposed to samus's bright, explosive abilities. Rambling now. Yea.

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It would be interesting to play as him.

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I am in the same boat, I just can't see him as a playable character.