New Adventure Mode

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The Subspace from Brawl was creative and long. The only problem I had with it was that I didn't care at all about the new enemies and characters it introduced. In the next Smash Bros the adventure mode should mix up the different Nintendo franchises. For example, put Donkey Kong in Link's shoes. I think this would be a lot more entertaining than the Subspace.

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replace the stickers whit RPG elements.

#3 Posted by nintendians (281 posts) -

i hope so, cutscene should be look like the scene in the mega man trailer.

#4 Posted by funkymonkey4710 (1835 posts) -

I actually think that would be a great idea! Have different characters accidentally get stuck in other characters games. Donkey Kong has to save Hyrule, Samus is stuck saving Peach, Mario has to fight the forces of King Deedeedee, etc.

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I was thinking doing something like Disaidia done. Have chapters that only focus on one character. It still tells the story, but they aren't in groups like Brawl's was. In fact, why not the characters have their own text boxes, so we can read who they react to an event rather than see it. Only in cutscenes that they are allow to speak. What about the main villian who wants to take over the world? Simple. Create a backstory of this said villiian. Tabuu...we knew little to nothing about him. I want a villian that we know and really put rage on. Also, please familiar areas like Bowser's Castle because I was stump as hell about the layout from Brawl's. It's simple, but I like it what square did with Dissidia's story.