It's fun, death and destruction are the staples, your character dies a lot while completing each mission.

This game is fun. The Geo-Mod feature is cool, you can destroy man-made structures only, not everything in the environment. The only annoying part of the game is when the EDF gets onto you. You have a 95% probability of dying in a shoot out. Similar to GTA except on GTA you could get away. One feature of this game is that other guerrillas come to your aid during shootouts, but mostly in vain. It's a fun game, big difference from Red Faction 1 & 2. All missions can be completed. You definitely wont go through this game without dying quite a few times (per mission). Watch out for the Marauders, they are vicious as well. Cheats are unlocked along the way, but if you activate them, you can't do any saves while using the cheats. Overall it's a fun game, destruction and mayhem are what it's all about!