Don't think twice, just buy it!

MGS4, one of the best games that you can possibly have for the PS3, fantastic story, game play is amazing, and the multiplayer will change you entire perspective on tactical gameplay against others. I'm not the biggest fan of 3rd person shooters but this game completely changed my mind about the view type and genre. When controlling snake you feel as if your the stealth espionage action hero your self. The octocamo which allows you to adapt to any of your surroundings, all of the customizable weapons, and the challenging but fair enemy AI all add up to some of the best story mode I have ever played in my life. But lets not forget the story,yes MGS is known for it's extremely long cut scenes but it doesn't necessarily feel like your watching a cut scene though, almost like you watching a full featured film due to the fact that the story is so believable and the ridiculously talented voice overs bring the characters to life. Now for the multiplayer, you may need to play a few matches to get used to the experience but its all worth it,disregarding the rather LOOOONNGG install time. The multiplayer offers full clan support with the ability to create your clans own unique insignia. MGS4 is a game that you must not pass up, and if you not a fan of the series, just give Snake one more chance

cause its his last mission.