definitly the best exclusive game for the Wii

User Rating: 10 | Super Smash Bros. Brawl WII
Super Smash Bros. Brawl is third in a series of amazing games, and is bye far the best. Brawl has the most characters ever in a Smash Bros. game, some new comers such as Pit, Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, and Snake.
Some vets return as well, (my favorite) Link, Captain Falcon, Bowser, and of course...Mario. Also many more stages, even some stages from the previous Smash Bros. Such as the Hyrule Temple, Corneria, and Green Greens. Some new stages are Bridge of Eldin, Great Sea, and Shadow Moses Island. Multiplayer for Brawl is the best in the series, especially with the online, but Nintendo is ahving problems with the "play with anyone" mode, and it doesn't seem like they care to fix it. The "play with friends" works just fine though, so if you have many friends who own Brawl, you should be just fine. One of the most noticeable additions is the Sub Space Emissary, it's like the adventure mode from Melee, but more in depth and way longer. A cool thing is that playing through the SSE will unlock most of the characters for you. All in all Brawl is an amazing game, with hundreds of unlockables, great single players, and great multiplayer.

ALSO: (the difficulty is up to you, you can choose from the game being easy up to ebing intense)