does anyone still play this online?

#1 Posted by alljoemama92 (4139 posts) -

if so plz add me so i can play a match that is a dumb 2 min match my fc is 5112-3079-9323. someone plz add me because i cant take anymore randy brawl matchs

#2 Posted by jimtsalas (25 posts) -

I still play! I'll add you soon

#3 Posted by JGlascock (29 posts) -
I do ! my wii fc is 3868-7963-4425 I added you! my 3ds fc is 0688-5376-3739
#4 Posted by macdrizzie (25 posts) -
i play sometimes im lookn for one on one matches my friend code is 256806934496
#5 Posted by JGlascock (29 posts) -
I'll get with you As soon as I can!
#6 Posted by AndryJaskiw (25 posts) -
I do my FC is 1507-4169-3915